Lichen News

Spring 2012: Teloschistes chrysophthalmus found on the Isle of Wight

The wonderful southern species Teloschistes chrysophthalmus (pictures), which appeared lost from Britain in the 1990s, has recently been found in the south of England, mainly along the coast, but also in Herefordshire. It is presumably recolonising by long distant dispersal. The most recent find is by the Street’s on the Isle of Wight, the first record since the 19th century. Les and Sheila have found this beautiful lichen at two sites in the west of the island on Hawthorn twigs. It has now been found in Kent, the Isle of Wight and Dorset, so should be looked out for in Sussex and Hampshire. As long distance colonisation is largely random, it could turn up anywhere, but it seems thorns near the sea are the best bet.