Photos, hints and tips on lichen identification will be put up here. This will concentrate on recent splits and look a likes and Cladonia and heathland lichens.


Mostly adapted from the Lichen of Great Britain & Ireland

: the outer, upper or lower layer of a thallus.

Podetia (singular podetium): strictly the the lichenised stem-like portion of an apothecium but in Cladonia comprises the upright, shrubby part of the thallus, and apothecial discs or pycnidia are frequently absent pictures.

Soralia: structures or regions of a thallus bearing soredia pictures.

Soredia: a non-corticate, loose weft of algae cells and fungal hyphae produced from cracks or pores on the thallus surface, the ‘granules’ variously appearing flour-like, castor sugar-like or granular with a ×10 lens