The Meetings Held in 2015

Anses Wood, Dockens Water and Rakes Brakes Bottom, Sunday 29th March 2014

A joint meeting with the BBS Southern Group. Planned to cover Anses Wood, Dockens Water and Rakes Brakes Bottom, New Forest. John Norton lead a BBS Southern Group in the north of the Forest to which Wessex Lichen Group members were welcomed to join. Read report.

Bonchurch Down, Isle of Wight, Saturday 27th June 2015, 10.30am

A joint meeting with the new Isle of Wight Lichen Group organised by the Streets. They had found a very interesting lichen rich heathland on top of the down, which they had invited the WLG to visit. We met at the car park at the end of the rough track on top of Bonchurch Down beyond the radar station SZ57327868 at 10.30am. Read report.

Hartfordbridge Flats, North Hampshire Saturday 11 July 2015

A joint meeting with the Hampshire Flora Group, to record the Hampshire Wildlife Trust’s new heathland reserve at Hartfordbridge Flats. The HWT have recently taken on the management of this part of the Yateley Common SSSI for the private owner. It is a strip of heathland immediately south of Blackbushe Airport and the A30, about 1.6km long and 180m wide. The Flora Group has been requested to make a baseline botanical survey before grazing begins on the site. The WLG was to record the lichens. We met in the Bush Café car park, Terminal Buildings, Blackbushe Airport GU17 9LQ, SU8085 5880. We met at 10.30am and we started with at least a cup in the café as ‘courtesy payment’ for using their car park. Report in preparation.

Anses Wood, New Forest Tuesday 29th December 2015

The 2015/16 New Year meeting was held at Anses Wood, with the aim of recording some Lobaria pulmonaria trees for the BLS Lobarion project. We meet at Cadman's Pool car park, SU229121, at 10.30. Report in preparation.